my name is megan. 

I am a creative director, a wedding designer, a maker of plans, and a lover of community.

My hope for each wedding, event, or project is that you walk into the room and suddenly, feel both in awe and at ease. That's my dream for your dream. A space that seems familiar because it's just how you imagined, but also feels like it's beyond your biggest dreams. There is a balance between honoring your vision and giving you something unexpected to remember the day - my job is to do both. This is how I love to design and create.

I love my husband with my whole heart - he's my best friend, the sweetest pal a girl could hope for, and life with him is simple and good. I drink a lot of diet coke and I feel things deeply. And I love when people are excited about who they love. 

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I want to create events that are noteworthy; stunning in their celebration of your love. As detailed as possible, making you ooh and ahh and so ready to say yes to forever. Innovative, curated, and modern.

And I want to create events that are dear; intimate in their reflection of your love. The details there to write the story of the day, so you can remember every little thing. Organic, personal, and romantic. 

I want my work to be both. I want you to feel both. If you connect with these thoughts, the next step is to choose the plan that feels right for you.