You want your wedding tailored to your dreams, a moment that celebrates your love boldly. Making your wedding a personal, timeless event requires both creative direction and thoughtful attention.

Full Service Planning + Design begins with a consultation where you can articulate your dreams, your needs, and your budget. From there I will develop your expectations into a firm vision; manage your customized vendor team, create your wedding day design, and direct every detail. By taking responsibility for every part of your wedding, administratively and visually, I will ensure that your event is seamless and breathtaking. Every inch of your wedding should make your heart flutter. Each detail should illuminate the story that is distinctly yours.

Pricing begins at $3000. For a detailed look at this package, click here.                                             

                                                                                                                                                   DAY-OF PLANNING

You have planned your wedding day, chosen the details, and invited those who will witness this new beginning. Bringing your celebration seamlessly together requires administrative insight, an understanding of event flow, and a detailed eye.

Day-Of Planning begins eight weeks before your wedding day, with a consultation where we can discuss your progress, your budget, your chosen venue and the day-of expectations. From there, I will take responsibility for all vendor communication, assisting with any remaining vendor bookings. I will create a comprehensive timeline so that you can enjoy the final months of your engagement with minimal distractions. On the day of, your wedding will be thoughtfully coordinated so that you can fully embrace your celebration.

Pricing begins at $1400. For a detailed look at this package, click here.                                             


You hope for the most stunning day to reflect your dreams and celebrate your wedding. Cohesive design, elements of style, and inventive detailing can significantly impact the atmosphere of your event and equally enrich your celebration.

Event Design begins with a consultation where we can discuss your vision, your preferences, and your budget. From there, I will thoroughly design each area of your venue while creatively collaborating with vendors, and on the day of, style everything down to the smallest, dreamy detail. Your wedding will be thoughtfully designed and styled so that each and every moment reflects you.

Pricing begins at $1100. For a detailed look at this package, click here




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